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Penalties: on evpass Express, starting from 5th minute after the end of the charge: CHF 0.30 per minute

All rates shown are excluding parking fees or penalty.

Evaluate your savings compared to a gas powered car

Move the car

Annual distance:

By electric car

and 0kg of cO2

CHF 0.45 / kWh - 18 kWh per 100 Km

By petrol car

and of cO2

CHF 1.6 / liter - 8 liters / 100 km and 36 Kg of cO2 per 100 km

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evpass Card


Your SwissPass () will automatically be associated with your evpass account. So you can use it to start or stop your charge.

You can authenticate with the evpass card to the charging stations of evpass network when they are equipped with an RFID reader.

Payment Method

To start your first charge, it is required to add a credit card or purchase prepaid credits.
The actual amount consumed will be charged to your credit card each time you charge your vehicle.
1.00 CHF will be temporary hold to validate your credit card. You will not be charged.
Credit your evpass account

CHF 59.00 (VAT included)